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Concurrent Enrollment 

This scholarship is intended to assist

GT High School students (9-12) in meeting additional tuition costs incurred, beyond district reimbursement, when taking concurrent classes at an institution other than the local community college.

Up to $500;  needs based. 

Please click here for more information


Gifted Education

This scholarship is intended to assist current teachers to become qualified in gifted education by endorsement or advanced degree in gifted education.


Up to $250; CAGT membership required.

Please click here for more information

Cherylin Peniston

This scholarship is intended to assist current Administrative Unit GT Directors/ Coordinators for the purpose of fostering excellence within gifted education and providing financial assistance in meeting the requirements for GT qualification.

Up to $500; with ongoing submission.

Please click here for more information

Leaders In Action

This scholarship is intended to support current Colorado principals interested in growing or strengthening his or her school's gifted program. This scholarship includes: Attending the CAGT Annual Conference, Leadership Forum, a mentor and more. Please click here for more information:

Classroom Mini-Grants

This Mini-Grant is available to CAGT members for a specific GT oriented classroom project or activity. 


Up to $250; CAGT membership required.

Please click here for more information

Long Term Project

A two-week Think Tank Residential Program for High School students is on our wish list for fruitation within the next five years. This Program would bring our brightest young minds together to work on solutions for some of Colorado's most challenging issues.

Industry leaders would sponsor various teams of five to collaborate on an issue of their choosing but could include long-term training needs, education funding or energy efficiency. Businesses interested in sponsoring teams should contact us for more details.

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