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The Foundation for Colorado Gifted and Talented is a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt foundation specifically created to provide opportunities for educators and students via scholarships and grants.  


This endeavor has been a collective effort by the state-wide gifted community with initial financial support from the Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented.


The continued success of this Foundation will depend on the generous donations from businesses and individuals.


The Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented (CAGT) serves as a statewide advocacy group of educators, families, students, administrators and legislators focused on improving the lives of gifted students.  This is accomplished in four main areas:


  • by promoting understanding of the unique charateristics of gifted students.

  • by training teachers in strategies for dynamic classrooms that challenge and engage gifted students, ensuring continuous learning.

  • by providing families with information on how to advocate for both academic and affective needs of their gifted students.

  • by supporting statewide and national laws and policies that assure gifted and talented students access to appropriate academic programs.


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